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Shower Hose 2M

Shower Hose 2M

SKU: 303

Product information

  • Both the shower and hose connection and the shower faucet rotate 360 degrees to kink free of the shower hose.
  • It is made of soft and unique urethane material; there are no gaps on the surface, and water spots and mold do not occur, so there is no worry about bacterial propagation.
  • All-in-one packing on the joint prevents possible leakage after the shower is coupled.
  • It is a safe product that does not contain harmful substances such as environmental hormones, mercury, and lead, so you can use it freely.


Product specification
Product Name: Spring shower hose
Composition: Shower hose, multi-purpose mini spanner.
Material: Urethane Hose
Color: White, Gray, Black, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Mint
Size: Hose thickness [External diameter 10 mm, internal diameter 6 mm] / Spanner [6 cm × 4 cm]
Length: 2m
Country of Origin: Korea

Product composition
 1 x shower hose
 1 x Spanner  



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