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SKU: 301

SF-300s Shower head with Vitamin or Chlorine removal Filter & the Sediment Filter

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    Product information

    1. Very comfortable experience: The powerful water pressure rise and water filter function give you and your family the best shower experience. The water pressure is outstanding, making the skin soft and comfortable.
    2. High-pressure Design: Innovative micro-nozzle technology makes the outlet hole smaller and denser to increase water flow, increasing water pressure. At the same time, it saves water by up to 30% to 40%.
    3. Filtration system: Multi-layer filter protection removes excess impurities and softens hard water to create healthy, smooth skin, soft and strong hair.
    4. ABS material: Transparent and see-through design and high-density filter for easy cleaning.
    5. Universal Fittings: Easy to install, screw into a standard shower hose (hose not included). Easily attaches to any standard shower hose. 
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  • Delivery & Installation

    Only available for Delivery within the Metro Manila. 

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