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About us

About Us

The MW2000 is moving forward with pride in providing local supply and service for home and office water purifiers in the Philippines. By introducing products, filters and service systems based on Korean technology, we are doing our best every day to make sure that all Filipino people can use water purifiers.

The most important thing about water purifiers is not only the use of products, but the perfectly meticulous and coherent management services.

The MW2000 promises to provide customers with the most complete management and the best service that makes sense.


Our Mission

We provide the best products, create and maintain the highest levels of service, and improve every day.


Our Vision

To become a company that provides safe, clean and convenient products that can be trusted and used by all people who use water in the Philippines.


Our Values

Convenience, safety, and reliable products and services for the development of the living environment in the Philippines.

And a healthy company created by growing people.

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